You Met a Vietnamese Girl, It Is Time To Meet Her Family

Vietnamese girls dating white men

The dating scene with Vietnamese girls is different from what you expect. Trust me on this. Whether you met her at club, social parks, markets or even at online dating sites, you have to learn some tricks when meeting her family. You know what? It is extremely important that you know these tips before you meet them. It does not matter you are an Asian, Hispanic, Black or White man, dating Vietnamese women is different from your own race. You have to learn these tricks.

Vietnamese girls dating white men

Vietnamese girls dating white men

Her Parents Make You Eat Some Food With Fish Sauce

If you have never tried fish sauce (nuoc mam), then you will throw up immediately. Some Vietnamese popular food is spring roll, egg roll, fried noodle, sour soup (canh chua), you must eat dip them with fish sauce. Anyway, I am not trying to scare you. Learning how to do it is a first step to meet her parents.

Her Parents Ask You What Your Plan Is About Marrying Her

You will be embarrassed about this question. Yes, you will. Don’t say things like “You don’t have to worry about this. This is between her and I”. This is the stupid answer so don’t ever say that. Vietnamese parents usually worry about their parents in detailed so they may interfere in detailed about that topic too.

It does not matter how long she lives in the West like US or Canada, she is submissive. I don’t care what you think about submissive Vietnamese ladies. If you are dating her, then accept it the way it is. Her father may ask you about your wedding plan with his daughter. As you know that Vietnamese women don’t talk about that with their boyfriends. You, the man, have to open it up.

Generally speaking, you must be rated high from her parents. Well, that’s a good thing to make her parents and her siblings like you. You don’t have to show off your rich materials to her family. Don’t do that. Be the man, the good man for her and prove that to her family.

Those are tips you should know. What else do I miss?

Vietnamese Girls & Women Looking For Men Online

Vietnam girls

Vietnam girls

Vietnamese girls and women looking for men for love and marriage online have been a phenomenon in the last couple of years as this Internet world is rapidly booming. Vietnamese dating sites are the ideal way for them to look for each other online at ease. Without paying any fee for both single Vietnam women and men, they can find their ideal match conveniently. Not only local women in Vietnam can find men but also Western-Vietnamese girls can find men in USA, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, and others. Online dating has become a diverse dating that thousands of Vietnam single men and women to meet each other. It does not matter where they live, they can go online and find a soul mate.

Let’s talk about local girls in Vietnam. They are traditional and oriented. They are pretty, appealing and loyal to love and marriage. When you visit Vietnam, you will see Vietnamese women everywhere, especially at late afternoon, they are walking, riding
motor-cycles on the roads. Some of Vietnamese women work indoors and some work in the office, just like men. They work hard to take care of themselves and family. Most of them work outside to take care of the bill but they are excellent house organizers. Most of them know how to cook traditional daily meals for their family. In terms of honest and loyalty, they are the best.

Every year, thousands of Vietnamese women are brought to the West through the marriage with Western
husbands, they have a hard time to stay at home without working. Within a few months, they find work to do to help their husbands for the expense. Most of Vietnamese women get married with Vietnamese-American husbands but a few get married with Native American men. The online dating services are the way they go online to meet their husbands. So, single Vietnamese men and women register themselves online by creating their personals ads and post their pictures. They want to find the perfect life mate who can share with them to the rest of their life.

The main reasons that women in Vietnam want to get married with Vietnamese men in America are to have more opportunities and freedom of democracy. Most of them are very successful when coming to America because they work hard and save money. Vietnamese girls have qualities that Western girls don’t. They are attractive, feminine, petite and slender with delicate features and innate grace. A Vietnamese girl is usually gentle and polite. She respects for others. She is charming and attentive to her husband. A Vietnamese woman considers marriage as a life-time commitment so she takes it with utmost seriousness.

So, if you are a single Vietnam woman or man, then join free Vietnamese dating site
(Tim Ban Bon Phuong) to find your other half. It is a free two-way dating service.

Vietnamese Girls – Women | Dan Ba Phu Nu Vietnam

Dan ba phu nu Viet nam

Dan ba phu nu Viet nam

Vietnamese girls and women (Dan ba Phu nu Vietnam) are the most beautiful ones on the globe because of their oriental beauty and extraordinary characteristics. Vietnam women are charming and cultural. You can view the looks of these Viet ladies at VietSingleCom dating site. When speaking of Vietnamese girls, you should think about the skinny figures with sexy skin color, appealling eyes, and pretty face. They are too popular in the West and they are the perfect wife for Western men. You can look at these Vietnamese-American couples and they look perfect with each other. Well, the girl is a little short for the guy and that’s perfect.

Vietnamese ladies are just look for for serious relationship to build up a long-term family. Vietnam women (dan ba Viet nam) are truthful and reliable because they are created by strong family structure. When these girls migrated to the United States, their values are higher because of the education they have learned from this country. They are even prettier and sexier that make the Viet men fall for them. Another part that make these women unique is the extraordinary traits. They can manage the household chores, cook delicious daily meals, and take good care of their children.

Most importantly, Vietnam women don’t usually think of other guys after they are married. They consider marriage as a lifetime commitment so they don’t pursue another relationship with other men. Vietnam girls (phu nu Viet nam) are rooted to their traditional values so they always respect elders and let their husbands lead the family. A Viet girl will support you, respect you, and love you to the rest of her life. She is there for you.

Meeting a Viet lady is easy and simple because you can meet her at the Vietnamese dating sites on the Internet. You can view and interact with thousands of Vietnam women at the comfort of your home. If you try to take off her pant in the first date, then you will not win her heart. If you want to win her heart permanently, then it is recommended that you treat her right and love her truly. Remember that Vietnamese women are special and different, you should treat her with respect.

How Vietnamese Girls Meet Viet Kieu for Marriage

Vietnamese girls meet Viet Kieu at online dating services. Let me explain the term ‘Viet Kieu’. ‘Viet Kieu is a popular term that describes a group of Vietnamese people addressing in foreign countries including America, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, and others. People in Vietnam usually call them “Viet Kieu”. Every year, there are thousands of Viet Kieu who go back to visit Vietnam, either in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, or other cities. The peak time that these Viet Kieu go there is around Vietnam New Year Eve on January. Some of them go there to visit their relatives and some go there to get married. They meet each other through the introduction from their friends or relatives. In addition, they meet with each other through Vietnamese dating sites. On this article, I focus on how Vietnamese girls meet Viet Kieu online.

Viet Kieu USA

Viet Kieu USA

Looking for love and relationship online has become a phenomenon for Vietnamese singles. Popular dating sites created thousands of couples a year. Viet Kieu posts their personal ads on the Internet to look for Vietnamese girls. Most of them have a computer at home so the registration for a profile and search for girls are too convenient. They can do anytime they like. Vietnamese girls also post their profiles online to look for Viet Kieu. If a girl has a computer at home, she can register for a profile and search for Viet Kieu directly at home. If she does not have a computer, then she has to go to the Internet club to do this work. She must pay a small fee for using the Internet service.

Viet Kieu usually writes their personal ads in English because they are comfortable with this language. Vietnamese women write their profiles in Vietnam language because they are comfortable with this language. Some women in Vietnam write their ads in English because they want to look for both Viet Kieu and foreigners. Ads in English language are viewed more than ads in Vietnamese language. Since Vietnam women are too popular to the world today, many Western men look for Vietnamese wives. They even post beautiful photos on their profiles. Thousands of Viet Kieu and Vietnamese women get married with each other every year. This has become a phenomenon these days.

The main reason that a Viet Kieu come back to Vietnam and gets married is because he wants a young wife. Some Vietnamese women get married with the husbands who are older than them like 20 or 30 years old. In other words, a 60-years-old Vietnamese man can get married with a 25-years-old wife. You can see the difference in age for these marriages. Why do these girls want older guys like that? There is one primary thing that a younger Vietnamese wife wants from her older husband, that is, an opportunity to make money in a Western nation. In other words, when she comes to a Western country, she has a lot of opportunities to work and make money. In fact, she will have a better future in a Western country.

Vietnamese Girls in America & Vietnam

Vietnamese girls in USA (Dan ba Vietnam o My) are more powerful and responsible. One primary reason is because they educated the Western culture. Responsibility is the first priority of all American people to take care of themselves and their family. When Viet girls who live here for a few years, they learn this custom. They work hard and they take care of their family. I have seen some single Vietnamese mothers who can take care of two or three young children with no problem. They work full time and they raise their children without any support from their ex-husbands. This is a great example of Vietnam girls who live in the United States. They are more responsible than girls who currently live in Saigon, Hanoi, TPHCM, Vietnam.

Vietnamese girls

Vietnamese girls

Viet girls in Vietnam ( Con gai Viet) follow the traditional custom. The man goes out to make money and the woman stays home to take care of the children and housework. This is a good custom, isn’t it? In other words, most Vietnamese women in Vietnam depends on their husbands for everything. So, even if the husband treat bad to his wife, she will not dare to leave him. She does not have money. This is the first thing she worries about. I have seen many Vietnamese husbands beat up their wives in the house and in public, these wives still stay with their husbands. They live as an dependant from their men, so they can not leave out the house. Vietnamese girls in Vietnam country depends on their husbands for a living.

Vietnamese women in America (Con gai Vietnam o Hoa Ky) work hard to take care of their family, either by themselves or with the help from their husband. It is just a different society of each nation. In USA, Viet women have to work hard because of the higher living condition here, such as house, mortages, finance, and other expenses. They have to work to live on this great country. When they work and live independently like a man, they are not afraid of their men. They can take care of themselves easily. Most Vietnamese people in here get good opportunities in the United States so they can make good money and live in a high condition. Vietnamese women in America work hard and still take a good care of their housework.

Women in Vietnam (Phu nu Vietnam) usually stay home after married. They take care of the housework and children. The husband works to take care of the family so he is responsible for the expense in the family. He is the only one who can make money. Vietnamese wives respect their husbands because of such reasons. Generally speaking, Viet girls in USA are more powerful because they can speak what they think as well as share ideas with their husbands equally. On the other hand, most girls in Vietnam can’t speak the truth. They can’t share ideas with their husbands because their ideas are not respected. Most of the time, the husband does not listen to his wife. This happens a lot in a developing country like Vietnam.

Vietnamese Women for Dating & Marriage

Thao and I married with each other for four years now. We have two children, one boy and one girl. We are a happy family in Las Vegas, California, USA. You believed or not, I met Thao at a Vietnamese dating site. We both registered at this service called “tim ban bon phuong” or “ket ban tam tinh”, Vietnam single service. I have been on this site for a few months before Thao joined so we met with each other and dated for two years. We then got married because we love each other at the first day I saw her profile. We matched together with all details we put in our personals ads. We matched with the hobbies, likes, entertainment, and others. We also live in the same state and city. I like to thank this Viet single dating site.

You can join free and meet beautiful Vietnam women and men on the Internet. I would say all Vietnam dating sites are free. I don’t see any service that charge to their members ever. What you need is a profile to start with. You can write as detailed as possible in your profile. When you search for others, make sure you compare yours with them to see the match. Without matching, you should not contact that person does not matter how cool she or he is. You need to love the inside of that person, not the outlook. I am a married Viet guy so I know how some couples got broke up or divorced. The main reason is they don’t match each other, like the way they talk, the likes, hobbies, interests, others.

Vietnamese women for marriage are charming and attentive to their companion. They think carefully before them come for a marriage. They are so pretty both outside and inside. Vietnam girls for dating care a lot about their marriage partner. The institution of marriage is valued very highly in Vietnamese culture. At online dating services, you can interact with Viet ladies using Vietnamese chat room, Yahoo messenger, and other means. If you are a single Vietnamese man seeking for a woman, then you should register for a personal ad online. You know why dating online is better. Because you have more people to choose the perfect match. You also can read their personals ads before you contact them.

Thao and I are an example of a perfect match. Vietnamese dating service has connected us together a few years ago. We are married now and we always remember the time we met online. When I first talked to my parents about getting married with Thao. My parents said, “are you crazy? are you getting married with a girl you met online? are you out of your mind?”. Now, they understand completely about online dating services. Vietnamese girls and boys, women or men whom you meet online are the same as other people. I guarantee that the Viet girlz you meet online is the same as you meet a girl in other places. My suggestion for a marriage is that you must find a perfect love match between you and that special one.

Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese Girls and White Guys

Vietnamese girls and white guys dating with each other for marriage is common in America and in the West. One primary reason is that these girls feel comfortably when marrying the white men. Most of them were born here and some have been living here for a long time so their communication of English is fluent. I am a Vietnamese man who has been here for a long time so I am envy whenever I see a Viet girl with a white guy on street. I am envy at this white boy and I am also impressed at this guy. He wins her heart. It is not easy to win the heart from a Vietnamese woman, especially he is a white man. Vietnam women are so picky that make them become the best women on the world. The more picky, the more faithful she is in terms of relationship and marriage.

Vietnamese women White men

Vietnamese women White men

Vietnamese women and white men look perfectly with each other. These couples stand out from the crowd because of their unique view. People look at them with the impression and compliment. They love and they care for each other. This is the most important part in love and marriage. Most single American men treat Vietnam girls like a queen. They respect Viet girlz and love Viet girz in a better manner. The main reason is that Vietnamese girls are so cute and sexy. Viet women are skinny and small which make them unique. American men love skinny females so they must love Viet girls so much. There are no other women on the world can compare with Vietnamese ladies. We are the best.

However, Vietnamese girls who have been living here for a long time, getting married with white guys, is no problem at all because they educated the Western culture. Some Viet girlz who’s been here for a few years with their limited English language, may reconsider whether you should date or get married with a white man. I know a few girls in my college. They do not speak English very well because they just came to the United States for a few years. They sometimes don’t understand what these American men say completely. I believe these Vietnamese women just want to copy the lifestyle from others. They just look at the other girls to apply they lifestyle to their own life. This may be not a good choice.

Vietnamese girls and white guys get married with each other is recommended if you feel comfortably. For those Viet girls who have been here for just a few years, you may reconsider your decision. You may not be appropriate to date a white single man. Getting married is a big decision in your life so precaution is the big plus. Even though a white guy treats you better does not mean he loves you more than a Vietnamese guy does. Vietnam men love their wives by heart, not by flowers. I know a few couples who got married with each other for 30 years. They are in around 60 years old now. They still live with each other but in two different world. She goes out with her Vietnamese friends while he hang out with his American friends. Every time she invites her friends to visit, she cooks “bun mam” in the house, he goes out with his friends.


Vietnamese Girls for Marriage in USA

Vietnamese girls for marriage who live in USA create their personals ads online to look for their partners. Some of them got hooked up by their relatives, friends, parents for a relationship. Some of these Vietnamese girls meet their date at the social communities such as Vietnamese shops, markets, centers. The rest of them meet with each other at Vietnam dating sites. This may be the easiest way to find a Viet girl and boy because the Internet century we live in. There are other ways to look for Vietnam girls for dating such as church, parties, social services, and others. You will not want to flirt with someone on public because you may be nervous when they turn you down by giving you the negative response.

Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese girls for marriage in America look for a lifetime relationship. They learn both the traditional Vietnamese custom from their parents and they learn from American custom when they live here for a long time. Both of these customs build them to become a great person. The western culture and Vietnamese culture both have one important concept, that is, the faithfulness in love. We all learn about this when building up a relationship in every culture, in Vietnam or in America. Anyway, Vietnamese girls for marriage in the United States look for a lifetime one. They carefully judge their lovers before deciding to go for a marriage. They do not want to get divorced later on so thinking carefully at this time is a must.

Vietnamese girls for dating are looking for a serious single Viet man to date with. They do not like men who play around with women. Vietnamese girls are honest in love and faithful in marriage. They do not cheat their men on relationship. After they are married, they like to nurture their marriage. They don’t want to go out on wild trips after married. They respect their husband and let their men to lead the family. That means the husband will handle on big work in and out of the house while the wife handles the small work. This is the Vietnamese custom. On the snowing day, the Vietnamese husbands will flow the snow off their wife’s car. The husbands also share some housework with their Vietnamese wives.

Looking for Vietnamese girls for marriage, you should go to online Vietnamese dating sites. There are many of them there waiting to meet their other half on the Internet. This is the easiest means to find single Vietnam women because you can find your match on the Internet that you don’t have to pay for the service. The modern way to find love is from online because every one of us own a computer at home. After a full hard working day, you can entertain yourself online while searching for a true mate. It is worth it to look for a Viet girlz on net to share your life with. There is no need to wait for tomorrow. You can find your future Viet boy or girl today at totally free Vietsingle dating site.

Viet Girls & Vietnam Women Dating Online

There are thousands of single beautiful Vietnamese women for marriage who are looking for men on the Internet these days. Many of them are Vietnamese American girls who live in USA for a long time and those who just came here. There are also Vietnam women from other Western countries such as Vietnamese Canadian (Viet Canada), Vietnamese Australian (Viet o Uc), and others. They are Vietnamese singles seeking for new friends, pen pals, soul mates, husbands, wives on the Internet for dating and marriage (tim ban bon phuong). Dating Viet girls online, you need to know some unique characteristics about them before going out with them. You need to understand how Vietnamese women meet their men first.

Vietnam Women Dating

Vietnam Women Dating

Trying to get a Vietnam woman on bed on the first few dates is a “No No”. This is hardly to happen this way. They do not let you to sleep with them until they completely understand you. Many Vietnamese American singles (Viet Kieu doc than) wait until marriage to have sex with each other. Some of them break the traditional rule and follow American way to date. Again, you will be failed if you try to sleep with a Viet girl in the first few days. As a result, you are treated as not respectful to your lady. She may not want to go out with you anymore. So, you should be careful when dating a Vietnamese lady. However, I am not saying that all Vietnamese girls are like that. You need to understand how each girl act before you go for that.

Dating Vietnamese people online (tim ban Vietnam online) requires you to be patient to select the best one. You can send a message to as many Viet singles as you want. You do not want to be limited to just a few single persons. You need to get a broad search to make sure you will get some in return. The beautiful characteristics of Viet women are honesty to the relationship. They do not like lies. They work hard and they will support their family. Especially in terms of raising children, Vietnam girls use both ways to teach the kids so they will learn faster.

Looking for Vietnamese single girls on the internet is easy and convenient by using your computer as a means to find them. You do not go anywhere else to find your special someone. You only need to visit Vietnam single dating service to create a personals ad and start dating. Viet single dating site is the way to search for Vietnam women and men. So, you should join any Vietnamese dating service to start searching for a beautiful single person. There are no other easy ways to find them, except online dating services (ket ban tam tinh). You will be surprised when creating your online profile because you can view thousands of Viet singles showing up on your computer screen like a movie.

Saigon Women and Hanoi Girls at Vietnam Single Dating Services

The most beautiful women and girls in Asian countries are Saigon women and Hanoi girls. When you look at the beauty of these Vietnamese women, you can perceive the smoothly skin, skinny body, tall figure, black long hair, and others. They are completely Vietnam girls and women who live either in Saigon or Hanoi, Vietnam. When these girls come to the United States or any other countries such as Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, French, and others, they are more pretty because of the best weather and the higher living condition in that specific country. These Saigon single girls or Hanoi women have become a Vietnamese American woman or others who live in that country. They are prettier and smarter.

The most crowded Vietnamese community is in Little Saigon in California. In Vietnamese, people called it as Saigon Nho, because it represents the big Saigon in Vietnam. There are Vietnamese markets and all Vietnamese food restaurants over there. People live there are happy because of the high living condition and warm weather. Anyway, we go back to our Vietnam single dating services to find single Saigon women and Hanoi girls. The main reason that we mention Saigon and Ha Noi is because most of Viet singles who live in another country, instead of Vietnam, are from either Saigon or Hanoi. Saigon is the south of Vietnam and Hanoi is the north of Vietnam. Most of these girls and women are single and available for a relationship.

Vietnam singles dating sites are to help connecting all single Viet girls and boys together for relationship and marriage. You can find local Vietnamese singles or international Vietnam singles in other countries including Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, and other countries as we mention above. Most of Viet singles are from the USA and live in California, Washington State, Texas, Virginia, New York, and others. They work hard and succeed in America. Many of Vietnamese people in the United States are educated and successful. There are thousands of single Vietnam men come back and get married with single Saigon women or Hanoi girls and bring them back to America to live. These girls are traditional and they are not the same as Vietnamese American women in the United States.

Each year, thousands of Saigon marriages and weddings are created from a single Saigon woman with a Vietnamese American man. Viet men in USA come back to Saigon to get married with local Saigon women and bring them back to America to live. Of course, they have to go through the petition process for about a year. The way to know these single Vietnam girls is from online Viet singles dating sites. It is easy and simple to know single Saigon girls or Ha noi women from these Vietnam single dating services. You just go to Google, type in keywords like “Vietsingles com” or Vietnam singles”. The first five Viet dating sites are the popular ones that you can create your profile with. Good luck and have fun. Find your other half is easy and convenient.